"An Inn for Pets"

Even dogs enjoy being pampered

Alice's Ark offers a full-service grooming service.  Whether you're looking into getting your four-legged loved one a bath, basic grooming, or a styled cut our staff is ready to make your pet look and smell great.


Spa Bath*- Includes bath, dry, nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression. Paw pads shaved / sanitary shaves are given to dogs that need it.

•  $50 and up: Small short haired dogs

•  $60 and up: Medium short haired dogs

•  $85 and up: Large short haired dogs

Spa Grooming* - Includes regular bath, dry, nail trims, ear clean, anal gland expression, full body hair cut. Prices start at:

•  $75 and up : Tiny / Small dogs

•  $90 and up : Medium dogs

•  $120.00 and up : Large dogs

•  $150.00 and up : X-large dogs & Standard Poodles

​​All prices are approximate. Actual cost may vary based on breed, hair texture, matting, length, animal disposition and desired cut and flea/tick infestation

Please do not treat your pet the day of apptmt for fleas/ticks.

Alice's Ark will dip all animals with live fleas/ticks at our discretion and charge to the customer.

*Spa guests can be dropped off Monday - Friday by appointment only. Please be courteous and arrive at the specified time.
All customers are encourage to prebook regular grooming appointments at 4,8,10,12 wk intervals to ensure a near guaranteed grooming spots.  

 Extra Services:

  • Teeth Brushed & Mouth Freshener (For deep cleaning and tartar removal, we recommend you consult a licensed veterinarian)
  • Toenail Grinding
  • Temporary color 
  • Nail color

All animals must be current on Vaccinations and be on a year long Veterinarian approved flea/tick preventative.