• Shots:  All animals are required to be current on their vaccinations (Dogs: Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella, Cats: Rabies, FVRCP).   Please presend proof of current shot records.  Vets may fax them to us at: 405-385-6073.
  • All animals must be on a veterinarian approved flea and tick preventative. Please do not pre-treat your animal the day of reservation. All animals will be treated for live fleas/ticks if present and charged to the owner at our discretion regardless of pretreatment.  Alices Ark will not be responsible for your dogs having fleas and/or ticks before during or after the stay. Current veterinarian approved treatments are extremely effective so there is no reason why your dog should have fleas/ticks when they come in or leave.
  • We encourage owners to have their pets groomed/bathed upon departure. We have had white dogs stay pristine for a 3 month stay and we have had dogs become wet and dirty after spilling their water bowl and dirtying their run in a matter of minutes of arrival. We disinfect and clean your pet's accommodations throughout the day. We do not keep your pet locked up in a 4 X 4 cage. Your pet will be stimulated while boarding with us and will get dirty in our all natural grass environment when they go out to play regardless of how clean you think your pet is at home. We highly encourage all owners to consider this offering. 
    • (We are currently completely booked for Groom/Bath. All request for Groom/Baths during stay will be taken as a request only and a case by case basis. There is no guarantee we will be able to groom/bath your pet during the stay and may not be the last day of pickup. Please plan your pickup accordingly unless notified beforehand)

*Cats: $20.00 or **$30 Per Day Per Pet

*Dogs: $30.00 or **$40/Day Per Pet

**Non spayed/neutered and/or dogs which show aggression to other animals or ellicit aggression from other animals will be charged  $10 extra per day. Aggression toward attendants will not be tolerated and will not be allowed to board/groom.

Charges start the day of check in. Checkout is 11:00 AM Mon-Fri. Charges always apply Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays regardless of time.

A Home Away from Home

Alice's Ark mission is to provide a secure, healthy, and stimulating environment for your pet while you are away.  We do our best to provide all of our guests with a pleasant experience while in our care.

  • Accommodations: Alice's Ark is an air-conditioned/heated facility that features two sizes of very large suites.  Our suites allow us to accommodate even the largest of breeds or multiple-pet families.  Each suite has its own outdoor accommodations as well as 6 grass play areas.

Boarding Charges:

"An Inn for Pets"

All insufficient fund returns or non payments will incur a fee. Non payments will be turned over to the District Attorney for prosecution.