Do the boarding dogs get to go out?

All dogs are required to walk and play throughout the day weather permitting. Social groups will walk together while supervised and non social individuals will walk alone.



Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella are required of all boarding and grooming dogs.

Rabies and FVRCP is required for cats.

Vet approved flea/tick preventative is required of all animals.

Notice of a Canine Influenza Virus outbreak in Tulsa County

Tulsa county is currently experiencing a Canine Influenza (H3N8 & H3N2) outbreak. This virus is highly contagious and like Covid-19, is an airborne virus. It causes respiratory symptoms similar to those experienced by humans with Covid-19, including coughing, sneezing, lethargy, fever, and discharge from the nose and eyes. If your pet has any symptoms, do not bring them to our establishment.  We currently do not have any reported cases in Stillwater, but we know that just like Covid-19, this virus may rapidly make its way to Stillwater.  We have been hyper vigilant in screening new clients and not taking any pets who have been in Tulsa county in the last 30 days. Alice's Ark will not be responsible for any airborne virus that we can't control., If you do not feel comfortable with the possible risk, please cancel your appointment. Thank you.

Do we shave dogs?


The summer months are a popular time to shave off your hairy fur baby to keep her cool and comfortable at your request.​ We are aware of breed standard but we are also realistic about the weather in Oklahoma. In our opinion the health and comfort of the pet outweighs any and all breed standard requirements.

I was at the front desk/front door and no one was there to assist me and/or the front door was locked. 

Please be patient. If at the locked front door. Please call us at 405.372.0166. Notification of your presence at the door is sent to the attendant. All attendants are trained to ensure the safety of all pets as a priority. As an example, if they are walking dogs of different families, they must catch them and secure them before leaving the dogs unattended to address the customer. You are a priority but the safety of the pets you entrust to us is of the upmost priority.

"An Inn for Pets"

Why was my boarding $10 more per day?

Usually this is due to animals which are not spayed or neutered and/or exhibit aggressive behaviour or ellicit aggressive behaviour from the other animals. Quite frankly these dogs take up 90% or our time and energy to keep them stimulated and safe during their stay. Further, dogs deemed dangerous to our attendants will not be allowed to board/groom.

Public dog park

Do NOT take your dog to a public dog park at least 2 weeks prior to boarding with us. Infections such as parvo and bordetella outbreaks in town often start and spread from the public dog park. We will not take a sick pet. You do not want to cancel your trip because your pet is sick.

What do I bring to Board?

We recommend you bring adequate amount of food the dog is used to eating, labeled and prepackaged in secured ziplock or container, for the stay. We are currently not accepting anything else such as bedding, toys, etc.

Why is my pet's grooming more expensive than my own haircut?

We often get this comment. More than likely, you do not bite, urinate, defecate, throw up, drool, expunge anal fluids on your hair-stylist. We are also assuming you do not bite, kick, twist, move abruptly, spin, roll, collapse and/or scream at the top of your lungs while the hairstylist is trying to cut with extremely sharp professional grade shears or clippers, millimeters from your skin, on not just your head but your whole body including your private parts.

Why do you charge on the weekends and holidays including Saturday morning?

We ask our attendants to be here very early in the morning before you arrive and throughout the day to attend to the needs of your pets during the week as well as the weekend which include times that we are not open to the public. Alice's Ark believes the service the attendants provide deserve to be compensated. Therefore, you are charged. Customers are offered a grace period during the week Monday thru Fri till 11:00 AM for pickup.

Why was I charged a fee for Dipping when I did not request it?

All boarding/grooming dogs pre-treated by you or the vet or not treated will be treated by us at the customer's expense if live fleas/ticks are still found on the animal on our premises at our discretion and added to the final bill. Please pre-treat far ahead of time so no live feas/ticks are present if you plan on boarding/grooming. We make every attempt to treat our environment on a regular basis to ensure that our facility is flea/tick free for the safety of all our boarding/grooming guests.

My dog groomed/boarded at your establishment and now has worms.

While not completely impossible due to how easily worms are spread, our sterilizing/disinfecting practices make it unlikely. The life cycle of many worms will include a delay period of typically 2 to 4 weeks before any visible signs of infection in the feces. Even then, the infection could have been started anywhere from the inside of a residence to the outside environment where the intermediary host such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes may reside. All it takes is one bite from a infected mosquito or one step and a lick by your furry friend to ingest the offending critter.  Since the intermediary host tend to be ubiquitous and almost never treated for "in the wild", the chances of initial infection from our establishment compared to "in the wild" infection is greatly reduced due to our treatment regiment. Having said this, if you feel your pet may has obtained the infection from our establishment, please contact us with any relevant information so that we may address the issue in our environment.

Hours of Operation

Monday thru FridayBy Appointment Only
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Closed: March 16-31