"An Inn for Pets"
A friendly greeting.

We want you to feel at home the second you walk through the door.


Genuine concern.

Every one of us is a pet-owner. We will treat your pet like it was our own.


Professional service.

Our trained staff will provide the expert care your family deserves.

What to Expect

As stated above, Alice's Ark has been doing boarding and grooming for over 40 years and three generations. When done right, there is absolutely nothing easy about what we do. Our experience is what make it look easy.

Furthermore, handing over your beloved pet to someone who wants to dabble with pet boarding or grooming may be extremely dangerous. Our experience is unmatched and the intellectual knowledge accumulated over three generations cannot be compared.  

In addition to the breadth of knowledge accumulated over so many years, Alice's Ark maintains a staff of highly trained grooming, kennel and daycare associates who have been personally trained by the owners and not some video series recommended by an impersonal chain store or franchise.  Owners and staff members attend national seminars to continue their education for boarding, daycare, and grooming.  

If you want cheap, you get what you pay for. If you are looking for gimmicks like kennels that look like Swiss chalets, they are out there too. But, if you are truly a discerning customer looking out for the best interest of your pet, consider Alice's Ark. We are the  professionals with experience, and a proven track record. Thousands of satisfied customers stretching from Belfast Maine to Houston Texas and beyond have boarded or groomed with us because we have earned their trust thru dedicated, reliable service over decades. Don't be fooled. Choose Alice's Ark and you won't go wrong.

Meet The Owners

A Word About Alice's Ark

Gregory Um 


Alice's Ark is a full-service family owned pet boarding and grooming facility serving Payne County and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

Let's be honest. There seems to be a new kennel or groomer popping up every other month. Are you really going to trust your loved ones with someone because they just put up a pretty fence on new cement barely cured?


Are you really going to leave your pet with a farmer who has a few acres and thought he would give pet boarding or grooming a try because, shoot, "It looks pretty easy and I just watched a video on youtube."

Elijah Um

Possible 4th generation in training

Tesha Um
Owner & Head Groomer
Noah Um
Possible 4th generation in training