Rabies, Distemper/Parvo, and Bordetella are required of all boarding and grooming dogs.

Rabies and FVRCP is required for cats

All dogs/cats must be on a vet approved flea/tick preventative.

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Alice's Ark is a premier grooming and boarding facility in Payne County for your dog, cat or small animal.


  • Full Service Small and Large Dog grooming
  • Dog Boarding
  • Cat Boarding
  • Ferret, Rabbit, Avian Boarding
  • Daycare

Current Boarding/Daycare Policy

Reservations will be made by Appointment only. All collars , leashes, bedding, blankets, chew bones, etc will not be accepted(Seresto Collars are accepted) . All food shall be portioned out per serving in individual brand new ziplock bags, plastic container or brand new bag. No exceptions.

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Labor Day Holiday:

We will be closed September 6th thru September 11th to the public. Plan your reservations accordingly.

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"An Inn for Pets"